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Updated: Apr 23, 2024 04:39 pm

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kidslox review

From our in-depth Kidslox review, you can learn everything you need about one of the popular parental control apps on the market.

Kidslox is a fantastic parental control app that is compatible with iOS and Android systems. There are also versions for desktop computers that are less full-featured.

However, this tool doesn't let you track calls, texts, or even social media, which are all features that parental control apps should have. On the other hand, FamiGuard Pro does much better.

Kidslox has some fundamental features that make it easy to keep an eye on what your kids are doing online, like:

  • Screen Time Limits: Set time limits for your child to use his phone.
  • App Blocking: You can block specific apps on both Android and iOS.
  • Instant Lock: When your child breaks your set rules, lock their device.
  • Location Tracking: Use a live map to see where your child is.

Even though Kidslox has some practical parental settings, it also has significant problems. The child's age determines the online filter. You could add URLs you wanted to block, but there was no way to change or see the filter categories. Read on to find out more about Kidslox reviews and perks.

Operating SystemsAndroid, iOS, Web
Number of Devices1-10
Basic Price$4.29 / Month
Free Demo×
Money-Back Guarantee×
Time Limits
Location Tracking
Web Filtering
Social Media Monitoring×

Part 1: Kidslox Full Review

Kidslox seems to be the ideal parental control tool. However, I've tested other applications that promised an array of functionality but, in reality, had such poor monitoring capabilities that my child could bypass them.

I put it on my son's phone to see how Kidslox works. The content filter can't be changed, and there is no social media tracking. These are the two biggest problems I saw. Kidslox worked well besides those two problems. Without my 4-digit code, my son couldn't figure out how to get around the rules or get more time.

But if you want an app with everything Kidslox does, plus tracking for social media, a keylogger, live recording, and more, I strongly recommend FamiGuard Pro. It has a free demo, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the ability to cancel your subscription anytime.

Kidslox Features

There are a lot of innovative features on Kidslox that let you keep an eye on your child and limit how they can use their phone. The Kidslox works well for simple needs:

Screen Time Limits

Kidslox lets you decide how much screen time your child can have daily and which you would like. You can set a time limit for the whole day or rules that only apply at certain times.

You can limit your child's screen time each day to five-minute chunks. It blocks apps and the internet when the child hits the limit, but calls can still be made. You can also make a daily calendar with sections like dinner, tasks, bedtime, and school.

The most remarkable thing about this tool is that kids can ask for "Time Rewards" when they finish a job. The only complaint we have tested about the calendar is that all the segments have the same rules.

A Lock mode in Kidslox lets you lock any device, no matter when or how long the kids have been on the phone. Your child can ask for more time through the dashboard, and you'll get an alert in the dashboard.

Kidslox Time Rewards

Web Filtering

When you give your kids a smartphone, you should filter the web. Several web security settings on Kidslox can help you keep your kids safe online.

A blocklist of more than 4 million URLs is what the Kidslox adult content filter does. It stops a lot of harmful material from being seen online. Adding more URLs or websites is simple. Indeed, many parental control tools don't protect kids on YouTube. When it comes to online parenting, movies are a tough spot. Make sure YouTube's "Restricted Mode" is turned on for Kidslox so you can see what channels and movies your kids are watching.

On the other hand, you can only stop websites or apps; you can't put limits on a specific app. It needs to have the power to monitor social media sites. You should see how much time your kids spend on TikTok or Instagram, and Kidslox lets you block the whole app. However, this may give you little control over how your kids act online.

Try FamiGuard Pro if you want to control your child's device better. It lets you choose from 43 apps, such as Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and more, and set limits and restrictions for your kids. You can block specific websites or apps, set screen time limits, and see how long each app is used.

Kidslox Web Filtering

GPS Tracker

The Kidslox family tracker function allows you to see both your child's present location and their location history.

Observe every bend and stop along the path your youngster followed. The route information includes addresses and times and a thorough, day-by-day breakdown of the various journeys your child has taken during the last seven days.

Set up geo-fenced areas around essential places (such as schools) to receive notifications when your child enters or leaves certain areas. However, the geofence option could be more user-friendly.

I had trouble entering the address because the address box was grayed out. Instead, I had to drag a pin across the map. It would be alright if the map were more extensive, but for some reason, it's so tiny that I had difficulty pinpointing the specific position.

If the map is not flexible enough, it is hard to set location boundaries; at this point, Bark displays detailed locations with greater detail, and you may search for specific spots to locate where they are quickly. You may even view the location history from a year ago.

Kidslox GPS Tracker

Instant Lock

You can lock your child's device from your phone by flicking a switch.

There are many reasons why we parents need to lock our kids' electronics. The Kidslox mode button is always ready to go, whether it's to avoid a fight, help them focus on something else, get them to bed, or something else.

Kidslox's instant lock feature works well on all platforms, so you can easily control how much time your family spends in front of a computer, whether your child has an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

When "Lock mode" is on, it stops everything. It blocks games, it blocks social media apps, it blocks everything. You can, however, choose which apps can be used in Lock mode.

However, there is one thing we should have talked about: how to find the improper apps or content to lock instantly. Because it doesn't have a keyword alert or keylogger, we suggest using FamiGuard Pro to find inappropriate material on your children's devices and then limit or block it. Overall, the Instant Lock function is tricky; the time limits and web filtering are enough to lock kids' devices.

Kidslox Instant Lock

Time Schedule

Tell your kid they can't use their phone at certain times every day. Using screens an hour before bed stops melatonin production, which makes sleep less suitable. Kidslox has a bedtime lock plan that can help you resist the urge to do that and stop notifications that can wake your child up at night.

You can lock or open apps at a set time, for any reason, at any time. Want to keep the phone locked while you're at school or only let teaching apps run before dinner? Make a plan for your child that works for them. However, you can only make five custom apps for the timer.

Kidslox Time Schedule

Statistics Report

The phone and tablet tracking features of Kidslox allow you to view your child's browsing history, watched videos, overall screen usage, and other related information.

It shows a detailed breakdown of the sites your child has visited and their online searches. Anything that might need following up on gets highlighted.

View the videos your child is watching on YouTube in a user-friendly list format that enables you to quickly review the titles and thumbnails and easily access and monitor videos that appear questionable to you.

Monitor the applications your child installs on their smartphone and see a detailed analysis of their usage patterns (limited to Android devices). This will help you in gaining insight into their screen time habits. Rapidly determine the apps most frequently utilized by the user and uncover potential causes of excessive screen time. Nevertheless, there is solely a report issued daily.

At this point, FamiGuard Pro is doing better. It can give you daily and weekly reports on how long your kids spend on each app, and you can set an "App Limit" to limit their phone use. This is a much better way to monitor them than Kidslox.

Kidslox Statistic Report

More Features

Kidslox also has additional features to help you keep an eye on your kid:

  • Child Mode: With child mode and security, you can control the device and tell your child how to use it.
  • Childproofing: The most important thing is that if you delete this app from your child's phone, it will no longer work. To solve this problem, parents can lock it and set a password so kids can't delete it.
  • 10 Devices: If you buy the family plan, you can add up to 10 to watch your family's devices.

Regarding monitoring for dangerous behavior, Kidslox comes up short. It doesn't keep track of phone calls that come in or go out, who text your child, or what they do on social media.

The only exception is watching videos on YouTube. Restricted Mode can be used on Kidslox, showing a sample of each video that is watched. Kidslox also has both basic and family plans. The Family plan has many features that the Basic plan does not, such as Time Rewards, YouTube Monitor, Alert, and more.

Pros & Cons of Kidslox

Kidslox's benefits have already been discussed in detail, and compared to other apps, this one needs some essential features that every parental control app should have.

Pros & Cons
  • Kidslox is one of the cheapest and simple-to-use parental control apps
  • You don't need to root or jailbreak your phone to use it
  • You can set time limits and schedules for your child's phone using it
  • You can see where someone is at all times and set geo-fences
  • You can see a report of their online behavior
  • You can filter and block content or apps that aren't appropriate
  • No free demo available
  • Different pricing plans
  • The basic plan has limited features
  • No social media, call, and SMS monitoring
  • No keyword alert
  • No keylogger
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No live recording
  • No app library

How to Use Kidslox to Monitor a Phone?

You can get the link to download the app from Kidslox's official website. You can also search for it in the Google Play or Apple App Store and quickly find it there.

The Kidslox parental control app is simple to use most of the time. After installing the app on the child's device, you didn't need to be there to see them. All the monitoring tools and settings for screen time are controlled from afar.

Step 1: Visit the Kidslox website. Use your email to sign up and ensure you agree to the rules. That's where the instructions for setting it up will go.

Step 2: Download the app and set up the target device.

Step 3: Put in a code to keep your child from getting to it. Pick a Basic or Family plan to get extras.

Step 4: Once you've paid for it and given all of these details, you'll get a message telling you you've been appropriately registered. You can then start using the features.

Does Kidslox Really Work?

Kidslox is a good app for making a schedule and limiting how long kids can use their phones. It has many features that let you monitor what your kid does online, and the interface is easy to use and helpful.

However, Kidslox isn't a perfect parental control app. It lacks the features you might want, like tracking for social media, calls, SMS, live recording, keyword alerts, and more. And sometimes, for no reason, it just doesn't work.

Kidslox User Reviews from Google Play

Part 2: The Best Alternative to Kidslox - FamiGuard Pro

This is primarily a Kidslox review. There are a lot of excellent phone monitoring apps out there, not just Kidslox. Another app for keeping an eye on your children's phones is FamiGuard Pro, which has more advanced features and is a better choice than Kidslox.

These two parental control apps are very different from each other. The Kidslox has fewer features than the FamiGuard Pro. Here are some comparisons to help you understand better.

FamiGuard Pro supports Android, iOS, and iCloud monitoring without root or jailbreaking. It monitors and tracks more content than Kidslox, including contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, browser history, calendar, social media & text messaging app activities, etc.

FamiGuard Pro Dashboard

Here is a list of features that compare Kidslox and FamiGuard Pro so that you can make an informed choice:

FeaturesFamiGuard ProKidslox
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS, iCloudAndroid, iOS, Web
Price (Monthly / Per Year)$9.16/Month$4.29/Month (Basic Plan)$6.79/Month (Family Plan)
App Blocking
Calls & SMS Monitoring×
Apps Library×
Time Limits
Location Tracking
Social Media Apps×
Screen Recorder
Online Activity Report√ (daily & weekly report)√ (only daily report)
Remote Camera×
Browsing History
Record Surroundings×
Keyword Alert×
Stealth Mode
Data Export×

Buy Now View Demo

After comparison, It's clear that Kidslox isn't as good as FamiGuard Pro as a parental control app because it has fewer valuable features. For example, you can't monitor their social media or SMS apps, record their surroundings when they go outside, or even get a daily or weekly online activity report with specific time and app limits.

FamiGuard Pro Features

You can remotely monitor activities and read messages on various apps, including Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, and other popular social media. Know what they are viewing, who they are chatting with, and what they are posting and sharing with stealth mode.

FamiGuard's content filtering technology is highly effective and works with all browsers, assuring your child's internet safety and security. It efficiently blocks pornographic, drug-related, gambling, violent, and other sites. It offers over 30 categories for you.

It includes the most undetectable keylogger, enabling you to view what someone wrote each time, such as what they searched for on their computer, their social accounts & passwords, including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

We highly recommend FamiGuard Pro rather than Kidslox if you want to monitor your kids safely in all aspects of their online behavior. It is simple to use FamiGuard Pro.

FamiGuard Pro Using Process

Step 1: To create a FamiGuard Pro account, click the Sign-In/Up option and enter your valid email address. Afterward, you should choose a package to access all advanced monitoring features. You can select a one-month, three-month, or one-year plan. Prices will change accordingly.

Step 2: Go to the Member Center page after setting up the target device. You can check My Product, My Account, or My Order here. View and manage the previously created order here. Next, select the Setup Guide option and carefully follow the instructions to set up the target device.

Step 3: To view target phone activity and track your child's online behavior, click Dashboard. Please be aware that the initial data synchronization from your phone to the Dashboard may take some time.

Famiguard Pro

What Else Can FamiGuard Pro Do for You?

  • Social Media Tracking: Track multiple social media and text messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Threads, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, and more.

  • Block Apps/Websites: Block improper apps or websites. Set time limits for the chat and other apps. When the time restriction is reached, the software is blocked.

  • Location Tracking: Track the target device's real-time location view location history. Even set up a GEO fence and receive alerts once it exceeds the fence.

  • Stealth Mode: Track target devices without them knowing, 100 undetectable without rooting or jailbreaking.


Based on our Kidslox review, some features are helpful; however, the negatives outweigh the positives. Some features don't work, and you can't customize the web filter. Besides, user reviews say the most annoying thing is that the system sometimes fails to work when you change or extend the time limits.

On the other hand, FamiGuard Pro is the best choice for monitoring your child's internet activities and limiting their phone use. It has more helpful features (e.g., social media monitoring, keylogger, live recording, etc.) than Kidslox, and the price is fair enough to make it worth a try.


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