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Updated: Apr 24, 2024 11:34 am

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Is FamiGuard Safe to Use?

The answer is YES. In the past few years, parental control apps have become popular as people look for ways to keep an eye on their families or children.

However, most parental control apps require permission from the target device owner to install and use. This can be a problem for data collection and privacy. Choosing a reputable and reliable app, like FamiGuard Pro, can minimize your concern. You'll find a range of FamiGuard features in this review, including social media monitoring, geofencing, and app blocking. We'll also explore pricing plans to help you make an informed decision for your parental control needs.

FamiGuard is a safe and secure tool for helping parents monitor their kids and promises never to share user data for other purposes. You may wonder, "Is FamiGuard safe?" the answer is absolutely yes. Our developers gather, share, and handle data in a way that keeps you safe online.

is famiguard safe

Part 1: FamiGuard Pro Key Features

FamiGuard Pro offers an extensive array of features to help you monitor and safeguard your family's digital activities. Here are some of its key capabilities:

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: You can track various activities on the target device, including calls, messages, browser history, app usage, location, and social media activity. The app provides detailed insights into messages, call history, photos, browser history, and social media activities.

  • Social Media Monitoring: Beyond WhatsApp, the app supports monitoring of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, Kik, and Tinder.

  • Remote Control: FamiGuard Pro offers powerful remote control features, enabling you to capture screenshots, photos, and record the phone screen, surroundings, and calls remotely without the target's knowledge.

  • Location Tracking and Geofencing: Stay informed about your family members' whereabouts with real-time location tracking and geofencing capabilities. Set up safe zones and receive alerts when boundaries are crossed.

  • Parental Controls: Exercise control over your child's digital activities with features like screen time management, app usage control, and the ability to block apps and websites.

  • Stealth Mode: The app can operate in stealth mode on Android devices, with the ability to hide or rename the app icon, ensuring discreet monitoring.

With its comprehensive set of features, FamiGuard Pro aims to provide you with the tools necessary to maintain a safe and secure digital environment for your family.

Part 2: Is FamiGuard Safe to Use?

Some parental control apps may track where the user is, record calls, and store private text messages and call logs. It is essential to pick a trustworthy parental control app to keep this information safe and not use it for illegal things.

We always put the safety of our users first, and we are constantly working to improve the security system so that it can serve our users better. We check our system often to ensure no safety or privacy issues. This makes FamiGuard Pro as safe as you can imagine as a phone tracker.

FamiGuard Pro with Higher Authenticity

According to the study, you can look at the app's size (shown on the download page). It could mean the tool is unsafe if it's too big or too small compared to other apps in the same category. Other parental control tools, like FamiSafe (193.1 MB) and Bark (205 MB), are much bigger. FamiGuard Pro is only 34.1 MB, which is big enough to work.

No Root or Jailbreak Needed

For many parental control apps, like mSpy, you need to root or jailbreak the device you want to spy on. "Rooting" (on Android) and "jailbreaking" (on iPhones) involve bypassing the default phone settings to get elevated privileges that are not typically available to the user, such as the ability to replace the operating system.

It's not against the law to root or jailbreak a device, but it might make it more open to malware and other threats. You will lose your phone's guarantee if you root or jailbreak it. We should avoid apps that need a phone to be rooted or hacked out of safety.

Fortunately, you don't need to root or jailbreak your target phone to use FamiGuard Pro, which lowers the probability of malware or other potential risks. You can trust FamiGuard Pro; we care about the safety of our customers' data. We take strict steps to ensure that your data is safe and your privacy is always protected and kept secure.

Free Demo & Quick Installation

Some spam or malicious apps hide things from you using the terms and conditions. They are sneaky because they know most people will click "Accept" without reading. In exchange, they get you to agree to all sorts of things, like data mining, pop-ups, data sharing, and more. To fix it, read everything very carefully.

On the other hand, setting up FamiGuard Pro is quick and easy. Before putting the app on your child's phone, try the FamiGuard Pro free demo and see how it works in real time.

It is simple to install and set up FamiGuard Pro:

FamiGuard Pro Using Process

Step 1: To create a FamiGuard Pro account, click the Sign-In/Up option and enter your valid email address. Afterward, you should choose a package to access all advanced monitoring features. You can select a one-month, three-month, or one-year plan. Prices will change accordingly.

Step 2: Go to the Member Center page after setting up the target device. You can check My Product, My Account, or My Order here. View and manage the previously created order here. Next, select the Setup Guide option and carefully follow the instructions to set up the target device.

famiguard member center

Step 3: To view target phone activity and track your child's online behavior, click Dashboard. Please be aware that the initial data synchronization from your phone to the Dashboard may take some time.

famiguard dashboard

famiguard pro

Wonderful Features of FamiGuard Pro

  • GPS Location Tracking: track cell phone location in real time and view location history.

  • Call Recording: auto-record and check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS.

  • Monitor Social Apps: spy on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WeChat, and more.

  • Check Phone Files: remotely access the files on the target phone, like contacts, photos, call logs, etc.

We Respect Your Privacy

We acknowledge and uphold your entitlement to privacy and are committed to safeguarding the personal information of those who visit our website. We strictly respect the Universal Privacy Principles, controlled by numerous laws and regulations worldwide. We ensure our procedures for gathering and handling your personal information are safe.

When browsing our website and utilizing our products, we may request certain personally identifying information from you. This information serves the purpose of establishing communication or verifying your identity.

Personally identifiable information (PII) may encompass data such as email address, first and last name, and phone number. Your Data may be used to communicate with you through marketing, newsletters, promotional materials, and other relevant information.

We also gather data that your browser transmits whenever you utilize the website and its products or connect to the website using any device.

FamiGuard is dedicated to preserving the security of the information you disclose to us. To prevent unauthorized access and disclosure, we have adopted appropriate electronic, physical, and managerial protocols to protect and ensure information security. These measures protect against misuse, interference, loss, unauthorized access, modification, and disclosure.

Part 3: Professional & Customers' Reviews

This section dives into the professional reviews and user feedback when selecting parental control software. With high scores from reputable review sites like Scam Adviser and Mobile Spy Coupons, you can trust that it's safe and reliable.

Higher Score from Professional Reviews

You should carefully pick an app. We don't mean learning code, opening package contents, and seeing exactly how it works (if you do, the more power you have).

Check the app website and do some due diligence on the creators, their previous apps, and their status in the tech community. Twitter and Facebook are fantastic for researching people's thoughts about the application and the support team.

Authentic reviews are also a decent reference point. As you can see, we've got 97/100 (Scam Adviser) and 9.4/10 (Mobile Spy Coupons) higher scores from authentic app review websites. According to Scam Adviser, it is legit and safe to use FamiGuard Pro, and it is not a scam website.

FamiGuard Pro Scores from Authentic Reviews

The positive trust score of FamiGuard Pro is determined through an automatic examination of 40 distinct internet data sources, including factors such as the company's technological infrastructure, geographical location, coexistence with other websites on the same server, and more relevant information.

All in all, FamiGuard Pro is a dependable and efficient parental control software that provides diverse tools to assist parents in monitoring and regulating their children's online activity. You can use it with confidence.

Positive User Feedback

"FamiGuard Pro is the best parental control app I've used. The stealthy installation means my child doesn't even know it's there."

"The customer support team is fantastic. They patiently guided me through the setup process and addressed all my concerns."

"I'm impressed with how accurate the location tracking is. It gives me peace of mind knowing where my family is at all times."

While the app generally receives positive reviews, it's worth noting that some users have reported potential battery drain due to the app's location tracking functionality running in the background. However, the overall consensus among users is that FamiGuard Pro is a highly usable and helpful tool for monitoring smartphone activity and ensuring family safety.

Part 4: FamiGuard Pro Pricing & Plans

FamiGuard Pro provides comprehensive monitoring solutions for Android, iOS and iCloud. The pricing varies based on the operating system and subscription duration:

Plan Duration Total Price Per Month
1 Month $39.99 $39.99
3-Month Plan $59.99 $19.99
1-Year Plan $109.99 $9.16

FamiGuard Pro offers unbeatable value with its competitive pricing plans. Compared to similar parental control software on the market, FamiGuard Pro provides a comprehensive range of features at a fraction of the cost. With flexible subscription options to suit every budget, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your child's safety is protected without breaking the bank. Plus, with regular updates and excellent customer support included in the package, you can trust that you're getting the best bang for your buck with FamiGuard Pro.

Part 5: Ongoing Support & Updates

Regular updates are crucial for ensuring the security and performance of any app. By regularly updating the app, users can benefit from the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches. FamiGuard Pro prioritizes keeping its app up-to-date to ensure compatibility with the latest devices and operating system versions. Additionally, we have professional customer service team to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter while using FamiGuard Pro or any related products.

Regularly Updates

Verify the app's most recent update date by its developer, as an outdated version may be more vulnerable to malware or security vulnerabilities. Additionally, the application might not be compatible with more recent devices and may need more assistance in case of any issues.

In contrast, regularly updated apps typically display the most recent updates to users in new editions.

FamiGuard Pro consistently upgrades to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of devices. We guarantee that Android smartphones will update to version 14 or higher. As for iOS devices, our support covers all versions. In March 2024, we upgraded our FamiGuard Pro to version 5.3.4.

FamiGuard Pro Updates

Customer Service

The support crew is accessible 24/5. We are constantly prepared to address any issues arising while using FamiGuard Pro, FamiGuard for WhatsApp or FamiGuard WhatsApp Last Seen. We are available to provide assistance and address any inquiries you may have. You can reach us from Support Center.

famiguard support center


Is FamiGuard safe? Indeed, we guarantee our customers that their data is safeguarded. We aim to ensure the confidentiality of your account and the security of your data. The customer support team at FamiGuard is accessible 24/5 to provide assistance and guarantee that your experience with our product is consistently secure and gratifying.

FamiGuard Pro emerges as a comprehensive solution, empowering parents with a wealth of features to monitor and safeguard their children's online activities. From location tracking and social media monitoring to parental controls and remote access, this app offers a robust arsenal to maintain a secure digital environment for families.


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