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Updated: May 30, 2024 11:30 am

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Curious about the conversations happening on our loved ones' phones is more usual than ever. Whether you're a concerned parent looking for an app to track your child's text messages or someone in need of monitoring your own device's communications for security purposes, finding the right app to track text messages is paramount.

These powerful tools can offer peace of mind in an era where online safety is a pressing concern, equipping you with the ability to discreetly monitor and manage text communication efficiently.

This article collects the latest and most effective apps for tracking text messages on iPhone or Android devices. We will explore a range of solutions tailored to different needs, from apps designed for parents to track text messages to advanced platforms for comprehensive monitoring.

Part 1: Top Features to Look for in an App to Track Text Messages

Stealth Mode

When selecting an app to track text messages, the ability to operate in stealth mode is essential. It ensures that the app runs undetected in the background of the device, keeping the monitoring discreet and the device owner unaware of its presence.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring is another vital feature to consider. This lets you see device activity as it happens, providing immediate insights into text messages, calls, and app usage.

Social Media Tracking

With the prevalent use of social media, an app that can track activities across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat is highly beneficial. This feature should allow you to view messages, posts, and interactions to keep a comprehensive tab on social media usage.

GPS Location Tracking

GPS tracking is essential for monitoring the physical location of the device. This feature enables real-time location tracking and provides location history logs, which can be crucial for safety and security purposes. Geofencing, another related feature, allows you to set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when the device enters or leaves a designated area.

Safety and Privacy Concerns

Finally, it's essential to consider safety and privacy when using text message spy apps. Ensure that the app complies with privacy laws and regulations applicable in your region. It's also vital to use these apps responsibly—obtain necessary consent, use data protection measures to secure monitored data and maintain transparency with the device user about the monitoring activities.

Focusing on these top features can help you choose an app that meets your text message tracking needs, respects privacy, and operates effectively under various conditions.

Part 2: Best Apps to Track Text Message

We provide a roadmap to selecting the best app that aligns with your specific requirements for text message tracking. Prepare to navigate each recommended app's features, advantages, and unique offerings, ensuring you can make an informed decision and protect what matters most.

1. FamiGuard Pro: A Comprehensive Choice for Tracking SMS

famiguard pro track text message

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FamiGuard Pro is a leading parental control and monitoring solution designed to help parents keep track of their children's digital activities, particularly text messages. With a user-friendly interface and a robust set of features, FamiGuard Pro ensures that parents can effectively monitor, manage, and protect their children in the digital age.

Compatibility with Android and iOS

FamiGuard Pro is designed to work seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices, making it an incredibly versatile tool for parents. Whether your child uses an Android smartphone or an iPhone, FamiGuard Pro ensures that you can monitor and manage their activities with ease. This cross-platform compatibility means you don't have to worry about which type of device your child prefers; FamiGuard Pro has you covered.

SMS and Call Tracking

FamiGuard Pro also monitors all incoming and outgoing SMS messages and call logs, ensuring you stay fully informed about your child's communications. This powerful tool allows you to view the content of each message, providing detailed insights into your child's conversations. In addition to message content, you can access timestamps that show exactly when each message was sent and received, giving you a clear timeline of their interactions.

Social Media and GPS Tracking Features

Monitor your child's activity on popular social media platforms and messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

Remote Control and Real-Time Alerts

With FamiGuard Pro, you can remotely control your child's device, providing an extra layer of security and oversight. Additionally, FamiGuard Pro allows you to take screenshots of your child's device remotely. This means you can capture and review their screen activity in real time, providing you with visual evidence of what they are viewing or doing on their device.

Moreover, FamiGuard Pro sends you real-time alerts for any suspicious keywords detected on your child's device. These alerts can notify you of potentially harmful activities, such as accessing restricted websites or receiving inappropriate messages. You can respond quickly and take appropriate action to protect your child by receiving these alerts immediately. This proactive approach ensures that you are always aware of your child's digital environment and can intervene to maintain their safety and well-being.


Here are the current subscription options:

Monthly Plan: $39.99 per month

Quarterly Plan: $19.99 per month (billed $59.99 every three months)

Annual Plan: $9.16 per month (billed $109.99 annually)

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Customer Support:

FamiGuard Pro prides itself on offering exceptional customer support. Users can access a range of support options, including:

24/5 Live Chat: Get immediate assistance from a customer support representative through the website's live chat feature.

Email Support: Reach out to the support team via email for detailed inquiries and assistance.

Comprehensive Help Center: Access a wealth of resources, including FAQs, user guides, and troubleshooting articles to help you make the most of FamiGuard Pro.

Video Tutorial: How to Set Up FamiGuard Pro

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2. mSpy: Nice Tool for Text Tracking

mspy track text message

mSpy is designed with a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for you to navigate and access all the features you need. Most functions are clearly labeled, ensuring that even if you're new to such technology, you'll find it straightforward to use. Whether you're checking call logs, reading text messages, or monitoring social media interactions, everything is just a few clicks away.

Compatibility with Android and iOS

mSpy offers extensive compatibility across various devices, ensuring that it meets the needs of almost every user. For Android devices, mSpy supports versions from 4.0 to 8.1, requiring physical access for installation and a rooted device for full functionality. For iOS users, the app is compatible with versions 11 to 14.8.1, with installation options available via iCloud Sync or Wi-Fi Sync, depending on your specific needs and the target device's settings.

Social Media and GPS Tracking Features

mSpy excels in providing comprehensive tracking capabilities, especially for social media and GPS location services. You can monitor activities on popular platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, ensuring you're aware of all communications. Additionally, mSpy's GPS tracking allows for real-time location monitoring, along with geofencing features that alert you if the device enters or leaves predefined areas, enhancing safety and security.

Pricing and Customer Support

While mSpy offers various subscription plans—1-month, 3-month, and 12-month options—the details can be complex, and finding the right plan might require some navigation through their offerings. Customer support is available through multiple channels, including live chat and email, although finding these resources can sometimes be challenging. However, once you connect with their support team, they are generally helpful and can assist with any issues related to installation or usage.

By focusing on these key aspects, mSpy provides a robust solution for monitoring and tracking mobile devices, making it an excellent choice for parents and individuals seeking to maintain oversight of digital communications and locations.

3. uMobix: Advanced Monitoring for Social Media

umobix track text message

uMobix stands out by offering continuous updates on the activities occurring on your child's, partner's, or employee's devices. This feature is particularly useful if you're concerned about not being able to access the device directly. uMobix ensures that you can keep your loved ones safe from online threats even without physical access by monitoring their usage. This real-time data stream allows you to see updates as they happen, which is crucial for timely interventions.

Advanced Social Media Monitoring

One of the most compelling features of uMobix is its ability to monitor over 20 popular social media and messaging apps. This includes giants like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. uMobix captures screenshots of the device activity whenever there is interaction within these apps. This means you can view messages, posts, and even the attachments that are being sent and received, offering a comprehensive view of the social media landscape being navigated by the user.

Geolocation Tracking Features

The geolocation capabilities of uMobix are designed to provide peace of mind for parents and employers. With its advanced GPS tracking, you can monitor the precise location of the device in real-time. This feature updates frequently—approximately every 5–10 minutes—ensuring that you have up-to-date information on the whereabouts of your children or employees. Additionally, uMobix offers geofencing technology, which allows you to set specific zones and receive notifications if the device enters or leaves these areas, adding an extra layer of safety monitoring.

Subscription Plans

uMobix offers flexible pricing packages to accommodate different monitoring needs and durations. The available plans include:

1-Month Plan: Priced at $49.99

3-Month Plan: At $27.99 per month

12-Month Plan: Priced at $11.66 per month (billed annually at $139.92)

These subscription options provide flexibility, allowing you to choose a plan that best suits your monitoring duration and budgetary requirements.

famiguard pro

FamiGuard Pro's Amazing Features

  • Location tracking: Track cell phone location in real time and view location history

  • Keyword alerts: You can set keyword alerts, and you will receive notifications as soon as some inappropriate words show up.

  • Monitor social apps: Spy on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WeChat and more

  • Check phone files: Remotely access the files on the target phone, like contacts, photos, call logs, etc.

4. Spyic: User-Friendly App with Extensive Tracking Capabilities

spyic track text message

Installing and using Spyic is a breeze, regardless of whether you're dealing with an Android or iOS device. For Android, the installation involves a straightforward app setup. On iOS, particularly for non-jailbroken devices, there's no need for physical app installation; instead, you simply enter iCloud credentials into your Spyic dashboard. This remote setup ensures that you can start monitoring without ever touching the target device, making it perfect for discreet monitoring.

Call Logs, Social Media, and GPS Tracking

Spyic offers a comprehensive suite of monitoring features that cover various aspects of device usage:

  1. Call and SMS Surveillance: Track all incoming and outgoing calls and texts, complete with timestamps and contact details. This feature is invaluable for parents and employers who need to keep tabs on communication.
  2. Social Media Monitoring: Keep an eye on activities across popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Spyic captures screenshots and details of messages and shared media, providing a thorough insight into social interactions.
  3. GPS Tracking: The app provides real-time location tracking using advanced GPS technology. You can view the current location and movement history of the target device, ensuring you're always in the know about the whereabouts of your loved ones or employees.

No Jailbreak or Root Required

One of the significant advantages of Spyic is its no-jailbreak and no-root monitoring solution. This feature means that you can track devices without compromising their security or warranty. For iOS devices, this is particularly beneficial as you can monitor with just iCloud credentials, and for Android, while physical access is needed for initial setup, no root is required.


Spyic offers various subscription plans tailored to different needs and budgets:

Android Pricing:

Basic Plan: $39.99/month

Premium Plan: $49.99/month

Family Plan: $69.99/month (up to 3 devices)

iOS Pricing:

Premium Plan: $49.99/month

Family Plan: $99.99/month (up to 5 devices)

These plans provide flexibility, allowing you to choose based on your monitoring needs and duration. Opting for longer-term plans offers significant savings, making Spyic a cost-effective choice for comprehensive monitoring solutions.

5. EyeZy: Intuitive Interface with Key Spying Features

eyezy track text message

EyeZy leverages advanced AI technology to provide you with real-time alerts that are crucial for ensuring the safety of your loved ones. This feature includes Magic Alerts, which notify you of any unusual activity, such as geofencing breaches or specific keyword usage. Whether it's a restricted location visit or concerning searches, EyeZy's AI algorithms are designed to keep you informed promptly, allowing for immediate action.

Call and Message Monitoring

With EyeZy, monitoring calls and messages becomes a straightforward task. The Phone Analyzer feature offers detailed insights into call logs and text messages, providing you with names, dates, and durations of calls, as well as the content of text messages. This comprehensive overview ensures that you are always up-to-date with whom your loved ones are communicating, enhancing your ability to protect them from potentially harmful interactions.

Stealth Mode Operations

One of EyeZy's standout features is its ability to operate in complete stealth mode. The Invisible Shield ensures that the app remains undetectable on the target device. This covert operation is achieved through sophisticated technology that hides the app icon and ensures it does not appear in the list of running processes, maintaining your monitoring discreetly without alerting the device user.

Subscription Options

EyeZy offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to meet different monitoring needs and budgets. These plans are designed with flexibility, allowing you to start, modify, or cancel your subscription as your requirements change. The options range from 1-month to 12-month subscriptions, providing both short-term and long-term monitoring solutions at competitive price points. This flexibility ensures that you can choose a plan that best fits your monitoring duration and financial preferences.

6. Hoverwatch: Designed for Businesses and Personal Use

hoverwatch track text message

Hoverwatch offers robust monitoring solutions that are suitable for both personal and business use. With plans that allow you to track from one to twenty-five devices, Hoverwatch caters to a wide range of needs. The Mobile Viewer feature, available on Android, enhances this functionality by enabling you to store and view logs from all your tracked devices directly on your phone, even when offline. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to oversee multiple employees or for families with several devices to monitor.

Screenshots and Browser History Tracking

One of the standout features of Hoverwatch is its ability to take periodic screenshots and track all web activity on the phone, including addresses, times, and dates of visited sites. This feature ensures that you can monitor how and when the target phone is used, whether for instant messaging, surfing the internet, or checking social networks. Additionally, Hoverwatch records the titles of web pages visited, providing a comprehensive view of online behavior, which is crucial for both parental control and managing employee productivity.

Pricing and Availability

Hoverwatch offers a tiered pricing structure designed to accommodate different monitoring needs and budgets:

Personal Plan: Starts at $29.95 per month for tracking one device.

Professional Plan: Costs $9.99 per month per device, allowing you to track up to five devices.

Business Plan: Priced at $6.00 per month per device, this plan enables tracking of up to twenty-five devices.

These options make Hoverwatch a flexible choice for users looking for both short-term and long-term monitoring solutions.

7. XNSPY: Comprehensive Remote Control and Monitoring

xnspy track text message

XNSPY sets itself apart with robust remote control capabilities that enhance security and management. You can lock the monitored device or wipe its data remotely, ensuring safety in case of theft or loss. The app also allows for ambient recording, letting you listen to the surroundings of the device, which is invaluable in ensuring the safety of your loved ones or securing sensitive information at work.

Detailed Reporting

The comprehensive dashboard provided by XNSPY offers a detailed overview of all monitored activities. This includes call logs, messages, emails, and social media interactions, along with real-time GPS tracking. The dashboard updates regularly, making it easy to keep track of activities and ensuring that nothing slips through unnoticed. Reports can be downloaded as spreadsheets, providing you with the flexibility to review data at your convenience.

Ease of Use and Setup

XNSPY is designed for ease of use, from installation to daily monitoring. The installation process is straightforward, requiring only a few steps to download and set up the app on the target device. The user-friendly interface ensures that you can navigate through various features without any hassle, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy.


XNSPY offers competitive pricing with three subscription plans that cater to various needs and budgets. The monthly plan is priced at $35.99, while the quarterly and yearly plans offer significant savings, costing $20 and $7.50 per month, respectively. This pricing structure makes XNSPY an affordable option for comprehensive monitoring, whether for personal use or business applications.

Part 3: FAQs about Tracking Text Message

1. What applications are available for viewing someone else's text messages?

FamiGuard Pro stands out as a top choice for monitoring text messages and social media conversations on someone else's smartphone. However, it should be noted that this app is only compatible with Android devices.

2. Which are the top text message spy apps for 2024?

According to The Tech Report for 2024, the leading text message spy apps include:

  1. FamiGuard Pro: Offers excellent remote control capabilities.
  2. HoverWatch: Ideal for business uses.
  3. TheOneSpy: Known for its comprehensive features and potential for expansion.
  4. Qustodio: Best for internet oversight.
  5. KidsGuard: Provides simple social media monitoring along with call recording features.

3. What is the most effective app for tracking your partner?

For those looking to keep tabs on their partner, the top-rated apps are:

  1. FamiGuard Pro: Known for its extensive tracking features.
  2. Scannero: Allows tracking with just a phone number.
  3. uMobix: User-friendly and easy to manage.
  4. GEOfinder: Operates without the need for installation.

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These apps to track messages have other monitoring features, from stealth mode operations to real-time GPS tracking, offer comprehensive solutions that empower individuals to monitor and manage digital communications effectively.

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