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Updated: Sep 20, 2022 07:35 pm

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There are many excellent phone tracker apps online. With the help of such apps, one can easily know where their loved ones are, thus letting them sit back and relax while tracking or knowing the exact live location of the target device. There are a lot of tracking apps but downloading and checking all such apps can be quite a task. The good news is that we have done all the research work for you. Provided below is the list of the best tracking apps for cell phones in 2022.

1. FamiGuard Pro for Android (Best Tracking App for Android)

Topping the real-time location trapping is FamiGuard Pro for Android, which is by far regarded as the best phone tracking app for Android users. This app uses a built-in GPS, which is updated, whenever the target device connects with network. The readings are always updated within a few minutes and with uncanny precision. The best feature offered by this app allows users to track the previous location history as well. Beyond the live tracking feature, FamiGuard also provides parental control over a child's device, thus providing a parent with a boot load of features, which can be used alongside the exceptional tracking provided by the app FamiGuard. It is one of the best tracking apps for Android.


  • The current location can be easily monitored within a detailed map

  • The history of locations covered by the target device is available. You can always know the route history travelled.

  • You can easily specify a location and set up Geofence to know the entry as well as the exit points.

  • Remote tracking can be done from any smartphone or computers.

  • The app also provides many other tracking options, such as app activity tracking, screen time tracking, and web history tracking.

  • The price is affordable for most users.


  • This app is not available for iOS devices.

2. Life 360

No need to worry for your love one's whereabouts, the most awaited free tracking app for Android and iOS – Life 360 will allow you to create a circle of your friends and family, and then you can use the circle to track them together. The app is successful in providing the user with the real-time location of their phones. Life 360 has been successful in turning quite some heads in the market, due to the user-friendly interface and efficient tracking of the target device. It uses a built-in GPS location technology to efficiently locate you and your loved ones. When the circle member arrives or leaves certain places, you will also get instant notifications.


  • This app is free and its premium version is really cheap.

  • The circle system is really easy to handle and it allows you to track more than 1 person at a time even the whole circle.

  • Car crash notification available and asks for immediate help from circle.


  • Free version doesn't have too many important features.

life 360

3. mSPY

This is one of the top-rated tacking apps in 2020. It also allows a user to track the locations of the target, with a history of the records or rather locations provided. This Android tacking app comes third in the list as it is mainly advertised as a parental control app. However, the tracking feature of the app is also great. Some other noticeable features include access to the call logs and messages of the target, access to the browser history and many more. The app is quite convenient and user-friendly. However the same is not quite pocket-friendly for the users.


  • The app is successful in providing quite accurate locations.

  • This application is compatible with many platforms.

  • Many other features like text monitoring, keylogger, and call logger.


  • The price is very high.

  • You need to root your Android device or jailbreak iOS device to use this app.


4. MobileSpy

This Android phone tracker app provides the user with the necessary information and feeds of the different locations of the target device. It is also a background app, which cannot be detected by the user. MobileSpy has been quite effective in providing the user with the required location information of the target device. It alerts the user when the target is leaving or rather entering a certain location. The app comes with several monitoring features apart from the real-time location. However, though efficient, this app can only provide the locations of the target using the GPS based signal, and the multi-platform support, which is mostly available on all the other tracking apps is missing in this application. These are the reasons this app is placed at the bottom of the list. The pros and cons form the discussion are quite clear, however, an elaborate view of the same is given below.


  • A simple user interface, and easy to use.

  • The application is quite successful in providing a real-time location of the target device.

  • The application sends alerts, whenever the target leaves or enters a certain location.

  • Some other monitoring features as well.


  • The application is limited to Android devices.

  • It does not support multiple platforms.

  • The application is effective only when GPS is turned on.


5. Safe 365

Safe 365 is one of the most simple and easy-to-use Android tracking apps. It can perfectly provide the current location of your family or friends. It also provide you the journey routes and battery levels of that device. There is a panic button for the target device that will allow the user to send distress signal with the details of their current situation and location details for help.


  • It's totally free of cost.

  • It has a simple user interface.

  • Easy to use process for new users.


  • It doesn't provide exact and accurate tracking details all the time.

  • App may show glitches sometimes

safe 365


Still wondering about the possible ways of tracking a phone without permission? No need to waste time on such thoughts as the article has provided with some of the applications, which has been most effective in providing the real-time locations of the target. The article provides anyone, with quite some options along with all the features and other relevant details of the best phone tracking apps for Android. The best option amongst these 5 best Android phone tracker apps is definitely FamiGuard Pro for Android, as it is a complete package of all the required features.


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