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  • The installation process was super easy.
  • No need to jailbreak.
  • Check 20+ files remotely.
  • Monitor iPhone data without knowing.
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User Reviews of FamiGuard Pro - iPhone Monitoring

Advanced iPhone Monitoring App to Keep Tabs on Your Children.


2023-02-16 04:44:23

Technical support patiently helped me answer all usage questions. The installation process was a bit difficult for me as it was my first time using monitoring software, but that doesn't take away from the fact that famiguard pro is an excellent product. It can help me collect my family's gps location, chat messages, browsing history, etc. I think it's better for partner monitoring than for monitoring my kids' digital habits.

By Olive Sawyer


2023-02-01 22:17:16

FamiGuard Pro is a great ios monitoring software that automatically categorizes the contents of my kids' phones so I can view them easily. The installation process can be a little complicated for someone like me who doesn't use electronic software often, but their tech support is professional and patient.

By Delia Ferguson


2023-01-08 06:32:02

Very pleased with the monitoring feature of FamiGuard Pro for iOS, it shows all the WhatsApp chats on my kids' iphones.

By Booth Marion


2023-01-06 11:45:00

I recommend famiguard pro to anyone who has a need for monitoring. the interface design of this software is clear and it provides a very comprehensive monitoring function. Not only can I use it to protect my kids from cyberbullying but I can also use it to monitor my husband's iphone.

By Rory Rhys


2022-12-28 08:46:06

I found that this software can help you back up your phone data in addition to its advanced monitoring features. Famiguard pro for ios can help you restore even deleted files, chats and browsing history.

By Jodie Huxley


2022-12-08 14:44:24

FamiGuard Pro for iOS has been a game-changer for our family. I feel more at ease knowing I can monitor my child's device usage and keep them safe from inappropriate content.

By Elma Huggins


2022-12-07 05:54:31

I highly recommend FamiGuard Pro to any parent who wants to keep their child safe in the digital world. The app provides a wide range of features that are easy to use.

By Sylvia Jim


2022-12-02 22:49:10

FamiGuard Pro has given me peace of mind knowing that I can protect my child from cyberbullying, online predators, and other potential dangers on the internet.

By Donna Quiller


2022-12-02 14:42:47

FamiGuard Pro is an excellent software that has helped me establish healthy digital habits for my child. I love that this software monitors WhatsApp and browsing history features on iPhones, which keeps my daughter safe from inappropriate online content.

By Arvin Chapman


2022-11-22 11:43:08

As a parent of a multi-child family, I started using parental control software a long time ago to keep a close eye on my children's development. and Famiguard's products are excellent for home guarding, both for Android and IOS. Highly recommended!

By Freda Cecillia

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