Setup Guide for iOS Monitoring

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use FamiGuard Pro for iOS to monitor kid's iPhone or iPad.

Before You Start

How to Use FamiGuard Pro for iOS

Step 1: Register an Account and Select a Subscription Plan. More>>

Step 2: Follow the Guide to Complete the Download and Setup. More>>

Option 1: Connect the Device with USB. More>>

Option 2: Connect the Device over Wi-Fi. More>>

Step 3: Start Monitoring on Your Computer. More>>

Video Tutorial: How to install FamiGuard Pro for iOS

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Step 1Register an Account and Select a Subscription plan.

Click on Monitor Now button to register for FamiGuard Pro account with your valid email address. Then, purchase a subscription plan in order to use all advanced monitoring features. You can choose 1-month plan, 3-month plan or 1-year plan.

Step 2Follow the Guide to Complete the Download and Setup.

After completing the purchase process, you will be redirected to My Products and Orders Management page. Here you will find the corresponding orders you have previously purchased. Now you can click on the Setup Guide and read the instructions carefully to learn how to start using this iPhone monitoring software.


Below are the simple steps you need to follow:

2.1. Download and install the program onto the target computer from the given website.



Our iOS monitoring software can be downloaded on Windows PC or Mac. Please be noted, if there is a pop-up says " Windows protected your PC" on the screen when installing the program on the Windows PC, then you need to click on the " More info " button underneath the description. After that, select " Run anyway " to install the program on the computer.

2.2 FamiGuard Pro for iOS provides 2 options to backup and analyze the target device to get iPhone data monitored.

There are 2 ways to scan the target device and get data from there.The one is to connect the iPhone to target's frequently used computer with USB cable to back up data and the another one is to back up the iPhone remotely over Wi-Fi. Next, we will give the introduction of the two ways.

Option 1Connect the Device to Computer with USB

Available for: Who cannot meet the requirement of making the target iPhone and computer under the same Wi-Fi.

For this method, FamiGuard Pro for iOS monitor the iPhone by backing up its data through USB cable connection with the device and computer. And you can choose any of the backup of the iPhone to extract the data.

That means only the iPhone is connected with the computer which has been installed with the software, you can get the updated data.

But, if there are readily available backup files on the computer, this program will automatically detect and display them. Choose the backup file of the target device you want to monitor and start scanning.

Monitor Target’s Data on the Device

Choose 'View iTunes Data' and start scanning.



The next time no matter who connects the target iOS device to the computer, this program will automatically record the most recent data and show you. If you do not find the latest backup file after you open the program, you need to connect the target device again and scan the data.

Monitor Target’s Data on iCloud

Click "View iCloud Data" and follow the on-screen installation. When you see "Apps and Data" on your phone, choose "Restore from iCloud Backup" and then key in the iCloud Apple ID whose you want to monitor.



1. Before you reset factory, it is recommended you back up the data. You can backup the data smoothly following the application's guide.

2. FamiGuard Pro for iOS new version supports resetting the iOS factory on the computer.

Option 2Connect the Device and Get Data over Wi-Fi

Available for: Who want to scan the target iPhone remotely without USB connection and can make sure the device and computer under the same Wi-Fi.

In the latest version of FamiGuard, it supports to back up data and analyze data in a remote way over Wi-Fi.


You should connect the target iPhone with the computer for once and both the iPhone and computer should use the same Wi-Fi at the same time when backing up.

After both the iPhone and computer use the same Wi-Fi, then you can click the first icon at the top right corner and you will see a picture shows like below. Just click the Sync Now button to start the process. When the device is successfully recognized, the device name, serial number and system version number will be displayed in the list, and you can choose the device to start the data scanning. After finished, you can click the View It Now button for data analyzing and checking the data you want to monitor.




1. The beginning of backing up data can only be successful when the target iPhone is recognized. If the target device not found, you can wake up the screen to recognize the device.

2. In addition to clicking the Wi-Fi icon in the upper right corner to backup data, you can also initiate the Wi-Fi backing up by clicking the Scan Device Remotely button at the bottom.

3. If the privacy setting has been reset, you need to get the target device to connect it with USB cable and trust the computer again.

Step 3Start Monitoring on Your Computer

When the scanning process completes, you can switch between different file types and view details. The deleted files can also be checked. If you want a complete insight of the monitored data, especially for the social apps chat history and media files, you can click the" Export" button to save and view them on the computer.


What can you do on the dashboard?

  • Monitor social apps: Monitor the chat history of those popular iPhone messaging apps, including WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Viber, QQ and Kik.

  • Read messages: You can remotely check all sent and received text messages, even the deleted ones on the target iOS device.

  • Track call logs: This feature lets you keep an eye on all incoming and outgoing calls made on the target user's iPhone/iPad.

  • Access media files: You can also access those multimedia files stored on the target iPhone, including photos, videos or voice memos.

  • View Safari history& bookmarks: Safari history and bookmarks on the monitored iPhone can be also easily tracked by using this helpful tool.

  • Check text files: Our iPhone monitoring software also allows you to check the content added in Reminders, Calendars, Notes app on the monitored iPhone or iPad.